Sadikun was established in March 13, 1968, to unite a progressive vision and mission. This company is our medium to develop networking, reach potential markets and prepare us in facing the globalization era.

In order to maximize our performance and reach the point of perfection, we divide our companies into six divisions, each of which is supervised by an industry professional, supported by experienced staffs. The six divisions are Fuels, Gas and LPG, Coal, Lubricants, Additives and Chemicals. Sadikun distribution system covers the nation and is organized through our regional offices which are located in Merak, Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Surabaya and Denpasar.

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Sadikun has operated for more than 40 years - developing the confidence of our clients and prioritizing loyalty as the company's main value. The growth and accomplishments of Sadikun are inseparable from the loyalty of our clients. Sadikun thanks our loyal customers that have supported and partaken in the success of Sadikun.

The growth of your company is our goal. Sadikun stands ready to design and execute continuous, secure energy supply chains in line with the needs of your business. Sadikun:

  • Serves large, medium and small companies
  • Delivers competitively priced, secure energy to manufacturing and commercial businesses
  • Supplies clean energy to restaurants and hotels
  • Provides energy for housing estates

In these times of financial uncertainty and the dynamic globalization process, entrusting the management of your energy needs to the professionals at Sadikun will allow your business to focus on your core skills. Sadikun will support the development of your businesses' core competencies through Sadikun's extensive domestic and international networks - holding true to Sadikun's values of integrity, accuracy and consistency. Our clients are our families.

*If there are other energy needs required by your company but unlisted in our site, please contact us and we will provide them for you.