Sadikun provides various kind of Chemicals, Petrochemical (Asphalt) and Additive to meet Your need.

Petrochemical (Asphalt)

Sadikun's Asphalt is produced in factories located in Cilacap and Ciwandan. It is produced in 2 grades which are 60/70 penetration and 80/100 penetration. Various kinds of packaing as follows :

  • Ashpalt Drum : 155 kg
  • Ashpalt Bags : 25 kg and 50 kg
  • Ashpalt Bulk : fleet with tanks size of 15 tons


Additive as Infineum Agents.

Sadikun provides the supply of Chemical categorized as follows :


Polytam sold is PF 1000, the result of polymerization of propylene gas and modification some additive substance. Polytam has a pellet shape and odorless. Polytam is commonly used as raw materials for plastics making, spare parts vehicles, household supplies, etc.
Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda is in a solid form with the degree of purity of 98 %, with size packed 25 kg. Caustic Soda commonly used as a cleaning, a small scale soap production, etc. Caustic Soda can be used to neutralize acidic waste and to absorbs acidic component exhaust gas.

Pertamina produced three types of Petrasol which are Pertasol CA, Petrasol CB, and Petrasol CC. Petrasol can be used as raw material for glue.
Paraffinic Wax

Paraffinic Wax is usually used for making a candle (illuminating candles, decorative candles) packed in 50 kg bags.
LAWS (Low Aromatic White Spirit)

LAWS that is produced by Pertamina are LAWS 2 and LAWS 5 which have a boiling point between 143C ÌŠ - 200 ÌŠC. LAWS is normally used for cleaning material, Insecticides, pesticides and paint solvents, ect.

Minarex is used to fulfill industrial needs, Pertamina produces 3 kinds of Minarex, which are Minarex–B , Minarex–H, and Minarex-A. Minarex is used as a secondary plasticizer for industrial materials like PVC, processing oil for rubber industry, etc.
SBP - XX Special Boiling Point

SBP-XX Special Boiling Point is a solvent that is created with hydrocarbon alphatic chemical compounds napthenic and some aromatic compounds, packed in 200 Liters drums and 16.000 Liters bulk. Usually used in industrial blends, like paint, thinner, ink, rubber solvent.
Paraffinic Oil

Paraffinic Oil is divided into 2 types which are parafinic 60 and parafinic 95. Parafinic oils are packed in 200 Liters drums and 16.000 Liters bulk, usually used for rubber industry, etc.

Condensate is a hydrocarbonic transition between gas and crude oil. And is commonly used as a raw material for fuel and petrochemical aromatics.
For more detail of specification of Chemical, Petrochemical and Additive products that We sell,
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