Corporate Social Responsibility

Sadikun gives commitment and concern for social responsibility in overcoming social problems in Indonesia. The programs that have been conducted by the team of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Sadikun, in the field of humanity include :

A. Establishing Bina Matahari Bangsa Orphange Foundation

Recruiting street children, street singers, beggars of elementary school to junior high school age to be placed in Bina Matahari Bangsa Foundation. The number of children living in the Foundation are approximately 30 people.

Teaching and learning activities take place on Monday-Friday at 09:00-14:30. In addition to teaching and learning activities, there are also spiritual activities in the musholla and other activities undertaken by students including visiting bakery factories, outbound to Puncak Bogor West Java, sports activities and conduct regular medical check up.


B. Conducting Assistance and Treatment for Disease Treated.

CSR Sadikun has already accompanied and people suffered from hydrocephalus disease. In order to support them to keep spirited and not to feel inferior to their surroundings.


C. Giving Compliance to the Foundation for Children with Special Needs.

This donation is given to children with special needs who are under the auspices of Rawinala Foundation In Pejaten area. Currently there are more than 30 children with special needs who live in Yayasan Rawinala and still need help.


D. Creating Teaching and Learning Activities Under the Bridge.

Teaching and distribution activities for the needy children who live around the area under the bridge area of North Jakarta, so that children who live around the bridge can gain additional knowledge for their development.


E. Humanitarian Visit to Yayasan Rumah Peduli Anak Tenaga Kerja Indonesia at Cikeas Bogor.

When Humanitarian visit to Yayasan Rumah Peduli Anak Tenaga Kerja Indonesia there are 78 students that are deaf and blind, ranging from 10 to 30 years old. Sadikun distributes the nutritious food and funds the establisment of foundation's general facility to support the life of residents.


Sadikun's concern is not only to the program itself but also continuous development of the CSR in order to achieve the development of Indonesian People's welfare.